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Mike Aversa, Furniture Dept., It's never too late to obtain knowledge about the things you've collected.
And love... And if it turns into a career you love... That's even better yet!!

Peggy Caffey
, LaMirada, California "I went to the College for Appraisers and it changed my life! I earn more than I ever dreamed, doing things I love to do."
Brigitte Gervais, GCA, Edmonton, Canada "I have been a collector of costume and fine jewelery for over twenty years and a dealer for over fourteen years. The home study program gave me the insight to buy and sell and appraise many kinds of antiques that I have never dreamt of handling before. I was very pleased to find the course to be one of high standards, and the courteous staff was always helpful. The home study program has given me much more than an appraiser's has given me confidence."
Dian Di Penti, GCA, Russell, Pennsylvania "I was already applying the skills that I was so well taught the very next day after graduation. The College really instilled in me the responsibility that we all must have when we undertake an appraisal. The College for Appraisers gave me confidence to communicate with my clients professionally."

Larisa Miller, Distance Learning Program, Germany, I am enjoying my lessons immensely, and find that antiques browsing has taken on a new 'feel,' as I find myself studying feet, joints, the figure of the wood, etc. with new eyes.“

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