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When You May Need Need a Certified Personal Property Appraiser?

Virtually everyone will need a Personal Property Appraiser for a variety of reasons, including:


  • • You may need a “generalist” who can catalogue and appraise all the everyday and ordinary items in your house to help you recover from losses due to fire, theft, flood, or other damage.
  • • You may need a specialist who can evaluate special items such as artwork, rare collections, antiques, or vintage or collectible cars in order to insure them properly and especially to be sure that you are fairly compensated if you do have a claim.
  • College for Appraisers trains appraisers to do both. CFA appraisers do specialize of course, but our appraisers have broad, generalized training as well. While an appraiser’s specialty may be, say, paintings, a College for Appraisers graduate will have the additional benefit of excellent training, courses devoted to product knowledge in the real world, and a vital network of supportive colleagues to assist in accurately researching and appraising your items.

If you are thinking of creating or modifying your will, and want to be sure there is an equitable division of your items, a Certified Personal Property Appraiser will be the best investment you can make. She can value your items and explain their values in different markets to help you reach your goals. Knowing your property’s value is fundamental to making decisions of property assignments.

If you are considering a non-cash contribution to a non-profit organization, you will very likely need a Certified Personal Property Appraiser to enjoy the full tax benefit, and to avoid costly mistakes. The IRS currently requires a properly prepared appraisal by a professionally trained and experienced appraiser to support any contribution over $500.00.

Whether you just want to move on, get rid of things, or if the kids have moved out, you need a Certified Personal Property Appraiser to be sure you’re not tossing the original Picasso and saving the cheap copy.

If spouses decide to go their separate ways, a Certified Personal Property Appraiser may save a lot of expense and tension. Divorce is tough enough and so often includes emotional, and expensive arguments over the value of items. Certified Appraisers are able to be fair and dispassionate; they should also be trained to professional standards of conduct and competence. At College for Appraisers, our curriculum is broad, general and also focuses on the current marketplace – not just decorative items or art that you will only see in museums. Relying on properly trained, certified appraisers won’t stop the haggling, but it can ensure all parties that they each know the value of their former community property.

You may have a valued item, perhaps handed down to you by a relative that you want to know the history and value of. A specialist is key. Call the College for Appraisers for a referral. Our graduates have a wide range of specialties. We will refer you to the right appraiser for your needs, and we follow-up to be sure you were well served.

Many Certified Personal Property Appraisers specialize in estate sales where they will evaluate, set up, advertise, and sell your items. Many have networks of professional buyers who flock to estate sales. And they bring CASH! A professional estate seller will save you much work and increase the income from your sale. There can be a lot of headaches and sore muscles involved in liquidating an estate. One phone call to the College for Appraisers for a referral is all you really need to do.

Whether you are a novice or a serious collector – a Certified Personal Property Appraiser can help you learn more about the value of your collection and where to focus for both sales and purchases.

If you are considering a purchase – be it privately, from a dealer or at auction, a certified appraiser can offer invaluable advice.

Whatever your needs,
College for Appraisers graduates are well trained in both product knowledge and how to ethically appraise your items. CFA help you find the right certified appraiser for your needs.

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