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Welcome to the College for Appraisers Web Site!

The College for Appraisers has been offering quality education in antiques, collectibles, fine arts, textiles and all forms of personal property since 1980.

• Do you think you need an appraiser or are you looking for an appraiser?

• Are you interested in pursuing a career in antiques appraising?

• Are you interested in our classes?

• Are you interested in earning a degree or certificate in antiques appraising?

• Are you interested in descriptions of the texts we use?

• Are you interested in Internet resources about antiques and antique appraising?

The College for Appraisers Certificate Programs are for everyone from professional appraisers, dealers and collectors to the incurably curious. Our career programs lead to AAS degrees for those seeking careers as professional appraisers and for those who seek to become more successful dealers, estate sellers, auctioneers, dealers and collectors. Our courses provide the specialized knowledge and hands-on practical experience you need to make that great leap from simply looking to truly knowing what you are seeing.

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